OLOEY posteljnina nabor natisnjeni soška postelja določa bela črna Rjuhe Kritje Evropske velikost Kralj Kraljica Odeja Kritje Kritje Tolažnik

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1.This product only contains duvet cover and pillowcases, without bed sheet!!!

2.Please check the dimensions before buying to avoid any sizing problems.

3.This bedding set does not include any quilt/duvet/comforter or filling or blanket.

4.Please allow 1-4 cm (0.39-1.57 inches) dimensional error due to different method of measure.

Set type: Duvet cover ( With zipper ) + pillowcases

Package Includes:

1x Duvet Cover 2 x pillowcases

135x200cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 135x200cm= 53x78 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm =19x29 inches


150x200cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 150x200cm=59x78 inches 2pcs pillowcase 50x75cm =19x29 inches


168x229cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 168x229cm=66x90 inches 2pcs pillowcase 50x75cm =19x29 inches


180x210cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 180x210cm = 70x82 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


200x200cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 200x200cm = 78x78 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


200x230cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 200x230cm = 78x90 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


210x210cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 210x210cm = 82x82 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


228x228cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 228x228cm = 89x89 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


220x240cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 220x240cm = 86x94 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x75cm = 19x29 inches


230x260cm 3pcs:

1pc duvet cover 230x260cm = 90x102 inches 2pcs pillowcases 50x90cm =19x35 inches


1 cm=0.3937008 inches

*if your comforter/blanket/quilt/duvet size 200x230cm so you should choose 200x230cm duvet cover.

*If you need bed sheets, you can contact me or open this link to purchase: https://Porocni-salon.si/item/4000270588328.html

*We have made the package is tight, because long distance, when you open it please take care not cut it.thanks.

*On Porocni-salon.si, buyers are responsible for taxes or doing customs clearance if required so.We can't contact your local customs to help, please understand.

We offer pre-paid tax service for some European countries.It can save you If you need this service,please contact us.

*Please undertand the possible color differs because of difference color ratio of the computer.

  • Teža: 0.7-1.3kg
  • Material: 100% Poliester
  • Fabirc Gradbeništvo: 90gsm
  • Uporaba Velikost: 1,2 m (4 ft), 1.35 m (4.5 metrov), 1,5 m (5 čevljev), 1.8 m (6 čevljev), 2.0 m (6.6 noge), 2.2 m (7 metrov)
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Količina: 3 kos
  • Vrsta: Duvetcover&2pcs Prevleke
  • Primerna Regiji: Zahodna Evropa
  • Blagovna Znamka: OLOEY
  • Odpornost Barve (Razred): Nacionalni Standardi
  • Fabirc Slog: Navaden
  • Slog: Barvita
  • Proces Tehnika: Osnovna

Oznake: ležišče smart, zapisana posteljni set, perfum, vrečko lv, lv denarnice, loui vuitton, slog luksuzni posteljnina, rjuhe kritje kraljica ženska, pokrov rjuhe nastavite, postelja bombaž perilo.

Kg Uulka
The bed is very cool, took a black marble)) print quality, everything is okay, except for the quality of tailoring, on one of the pillowcases there was a seam, and began. To the touch is pleasant, although synthetics.
Love my new duvet. It is just as I expected.
I love this duvet cover! It looks JUST like the photos. Came with the duvet cover (not the inside) and two pillow shams. It was easy to tie to the new duvet insert I bought (ties to keep it from roaming while sleeping) and the zipper closure on the bottom

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