10 Stilov Smešno Dogecoin Zlato, Srebro Doge Spominskih Kovancev Za Zbiranje Pes Vzorec Spominek Doma Dekoracijo Obrti Okraski

€1.99 €2.42

Bullet points:

1. A must-have for dog coin lovers: This dog coin proudly demonstrates that you have successfully joined the life-changing blockchain revolution.Dog coin will be a modern, elegant and stylish choice for all collectors.

2. Fashionable and durable home decoration: Dog coin can be unique on your computer desk, bookshelf or living room or bedroom decoration.This is the best gift for your partner, husband, father, friend or colleague.

3. High quality: The coin is made of strong metal.This coin can be displayed as unique artwork in the office or home.

4. With protective cover: The transparent protective cover can protect dog coin from scratches, corrosion, etc.

5. Package included: 1*dog coin.Packing list

1*Dog Coin

  • Doma Dekoracijo Obrti: Namizje Okraski
  • Tema: Maskota
  • Je Pametno Napravo: No
  • pes kovanec: Trgovina s spominki
  • Ime Modela: pes kovanec
  • Slog: Sodobno
  • Dekoracijo Kovanec: Okraski
  • Spominski kovanci: Doge Zbiranje Kovancev
  • Material: Kovine
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Kovanec: dogecoin

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it's like picture shown. The Edge are a bit rough but it's ok

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